What is Lever Block?

What is Lever Block?

What is Lever Block?

This type of tools with a very thick steel chain are used for  moving  objects in a vertical position or dragging objects in an arbitrary direction, and even for moving very large packages.

After installing this tool at the desired location, you can move your gadgets easily in different places by using this tool, one of the best features of this equipment is pulling equipment and loading them at the all angles. It is also worth mentioning that this tool, given its simple structure and the low number of needed accessories, allows users to maintain this tool easily.

Lever blocks have two hooks, one fixed and the other movable, usually the fixed hook is installedon the heavier and tighter part, such as the wall or the roof, and the movable hook is installed to the load or equipment.

Lever blocks have a movable lever that acts as a back and forth, this lever rotates the chains, the result of this chain pulling system, which causes the displacement, and  pull the load towards the lever blockwhich is connected to the hook.

mind all the safety precautions while using this tool, as if each of the hooks go off then it will causes irreparable events.

Be careful that every person should carefully read the manual before working with this tool and get familiar with the particular function of the model.

You can use lever blocks and according to its design and low weight in any situation.

Different positions of lever blocks:

The body


Moving handle

Toggle gears

Spring gearbox

Two hooks one fixed one moving

Moving chains

The chain guard

Pendant reel

Drill safety tips

Drill Safety Tips

Drills are one of the most popular and most used tools in various household and professional fields. The drills have the task of drilling with different diameters on concrete, wood and metal surfaces.


If you add accessories such as sledgehammers, polish, etc., you can do more than drill through the drill.


It should be noted that before doing anything with the tools, it should be observed the safety related points to prevent damages to yourself, your workplace, and your relatives.

Safety tips on working with a drill:

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