Drill safety tips

Drill Safety Tips

Drills are one of the most popular and most used tools in various household and professional fields. The drills have the task of drilling with different diameters on concrete, wood and metal surfaces.


If you add accessories such as sledgehammers, polish, etc., you can do more than drill through the drill.


It should be noted that before doing anything with the tools, it should be observed the safety related points to prevent damages to yourself, your workplace, and your relatives.

Safety tips on working with a drill:

  1. You are not allowed to take the drill from the wire and move it
  2. You should not use a long wire interface
  3. Prior to starting the drilling operation, mark the desired location.
  4. You should also know the depth of the hole you are going to drill.
  5. Fit the drill according to the workpiece and diameter of the hole required and tighten it firmly in place of the three systems.
  6. Do not push the device in any way
  7. First, press the drill head in the drilling area, then press the power button.
  8. When using the tool, consider the safety tips in terms of wearing and use safety glasses.
  9. If the drill is in contact with the liquid, immediately remove it and dry it using a hair dryer or sun light.
  10. Use both hands while using the drill to have enough control on the implement.
  11. Do not use to keep your workpiece clean
  12. In order to prevent the drill from slipping andfalling, apply paper behind the surface while working on the tile.

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